Lakeview Live-Work


Live Work + Be Well.

After caring for and losing a loved one to an enduring illness, our client was looking for a fresh start. Having recently purchased a residence in a modest mid-century building, this homeowner intended to synthesize a newly created professional endeavor with a neoteric yet nostalgic living area.

The renovation consisted of bridging two main focal areas and reorienting the rooms to gain full exposure of the space’s natural light and scenic views. A concealable alcove between the kitchen and primary gathering area houses the company’s primary equipment and resources, while a dining table hosts both work meetings and dinner conversations. Additional counter space provides professional and private convening, further establishing work-life symmetry.

A semi-transparent shade made of colorful origami horses masks a neighboring concrete high rise and serves as a whimsical yet sacred window treatment. Once a homemade birthday gift for the lost loved one, the sentimental figures cast dancing shadows into the room, and their spring hues signify rebirth.

Drawing from a human-centered design concept, the unique layout facilitates a sense of connection to nature and enhances the residence’s exposure to natural light. The result is an overall sense of openness and lightness, ultimately providing a serene environment for personal healing and growth.

Role: Project Architect, Interior Designer

Year Completed: 2018

Photographer: Steve Hall + Nick Merrick Photographers; Michael Alan Kaskel

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