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Studio V


Revival of a much-loved building with function and framework for spiritual balance.

The adaptive reuse of the former Krause Music Store is where new and old coexist in harmony, and new interventions pay homage to the landmark façade. 

The existing building had a dark and depressing interior, where the limited and only source for daylight was through the front facade for the entire 1st floor.  In addition to spatial and functional requirements to support a highly collaborative workplace, the owner’s criteria for their new office also included an emphasis on their spiritual needs.

New veil-like scrims on building center axis pay homage to the facade by reinforcing its symmetry.
New rear bay windows, in the same proportion as the landmark facade’s proscenium, provide an informal place to work, additional natural light, and access to a contemplative garden.  
Integrating function and design, the scrims provide visual privacy from the busy pedestrian street, conceal services for the worksettings, and reinforce the owner’s needs for purposeful serenity, while maintaining energy at the building center.

Client, Studio V:
The office space that Sharlene designed for us has truly withstood the test of time. After 10 years, it’s still a delight to come to work every day, and visitors still marvel over it. She achieved the perfect balance between an open, collaborative work space, while providing some sense of privacy for each person. Her solution proved to be serene, calming, beautiful and functional – one that perfectly blended the historic, decorative landmark Louis Sullivan facade of our building with a contemporary interior. Best of all, she was a delight to work with.

Role: Project Architect, Interior Designer

Year Completed: 2007 while at Wheeler Kearns Architects

Photographer: Steve Hall, Hedrich Blessing

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Studio V_1_062052C retouched.jpg
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