St Joseph Residence I


A young family desires a house that reflects their aesthetic vision, personalities, and sense of style.

They also wanted a house that accommodates their needs for today, and as the family evolves over time.  Inside and outside spaces held equal importance for the family, where windows are open when at all possible, preferring a breeze off Lake Michigan to air conditioning.

Architecture and Interior concept work in concert to provide direct connections between interior and exterior, and the layering of spaces throughout the house.  The open plan and continuity of materials reinforce unencumbered flow between indoor and outdoor spaces.  Introducing color and contrast in the palette in strategic areas provide a sense of place for rooms within the open plan, and infusing texture and tactile materials invite touch and add warmth throughout the house.

Client, St Joseph Residence I :
“Although I have an education and some experience working in design, I knew when it came to designing the interiors of my family’s new home I would need someone to guide us through the process. We interviewed several very well-known interior designers and found the experience left us uncomfortable and unimpressed. When we met with Sharlene and talked through the project, we knew we found the right person to work with. Sharlene is calm, thoughtful, meticulous and possesses a wonderful sense of color, texture, and design. She kept excellent track of the project and managed the budget very well. Everyone in our family loves our new home and the environment Sharlene created for us. It’s modern without being cold, elegant without being rigid and perfect for our needs.”

Role: Interior Designer

Year Completed: 2017 while at Wheeler Kearns Architects

Photographer: Steve Hall + Nick Merrick Photographers

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