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Mather Cafés 2.0


Renewed bright and welcoming spaces, supporting new growing program needs.

The requirements for the refresh of the existing Mather Cafe consists of removing the outdated computer room, and providing means to support the new program. 

New program requirements included expanding the cafe seating, and hosting groups of varying sizes for presentations, seminars, fitness activities, dances and performances.

The new proscenium-like opening transformed the old computer room into a flexible space, that can serve as a separate room, an extension of the cafe, or as a stage for events and live performances.

Mixing in new fixtures with existing fixtures, and new paint colors further brightened the much-loved café..

Role: Project Architect, Interior Designer

Year Completed: 2016 while at Wheeler Kearns Architects

Photographer: Steve Hall, Hedrich Blessing

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Mather _Chatham_1_064032_006.jpg
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