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Lakeview Penthouse


A sculptural and serene perch.

Our client had recently purchased an untouched two-story penthouse with stunning 270-degree views. Their hope was to design a sophisticated yet inviting home that took advantage of the unit’s vast picturesque landscape while also creating a private sanctuary for their family.

To achieve this, an archipelago of furniture at the residence’s entrance welcomes guests and continues to flow around the building core to the living room and dining room. Bespoke furnishings and sculptural objects form a dialogue with the perimeter’s polished Venetian plaster wall, simultaneously emphasizing the home’s geometry and fluidity while conveying a sense of approach and serenity.

Layered architectural finishes encase the innermost framework of the residence and create a bold and varied material palette while providing consistency throughout the J-shaped bi-level suite. Adorned in gray-lacquered and millwork panels, the core’s masculine quality reverberates off the soft, gently pitched and reflective finish of the perimeter wall.

The building’s exterior, boasting a steeply sloped mansard crown, is contrasted by the apartment’s intimate gradient envelope. Daylight from the voluminous windows reflect off of the contoured polished periphery surfaces and draw in the landscape, uniting the external with the internal. The depth and space at the base of the windows allow for tailored seating areas, further bridging the residents to their extrinsic environment.

Come nightfall, the lake, park and city views dissipate and the residence transforms into a private retreat, radiating with strategically designed effeminate, warm lighting. The lustrous periphery wall mirrors the home’s interior, setting the stage for a restorative, visceral experience.

Client, Lakeview Penthouse:
“We had never done any design or construction work beyond a small kitchen rehab, so designing our new apartment from a completely empty slate was intimidating.

We trusted Symbiotic Living to take our wide-ranging and evolving ideas of what we wanted and turn them into a masterpiece. Our new home is modern and sophisticated without being trendy; it’s elegant while also feeling inviting and livable. Symbiotic Living guided us in every decision and made sure that each small component worked together to form a cohesive and unified whole.

Symbiotic Living worked seamlessly with our architect and builder to coordinate finishes, wall coverings, flooring, furnishings, accessories and lighting. They developed, and stayed within, a budget and was conscientious about tracking orders, following up with vendors and coordinating deliveries.

After living in our new place for a while, we can honestly say there isn’t anything we would change.”

Role: Interior Designer

Year Completed: 2018

In collaboration with Wheeler Kearns Architects

Photographer: Steve Hall + Nick Merrick Photographers

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Lakeview Penthouse_3_1145_003.jpg
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